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Perverse English language (take 2 – why learning English is hard)

A while back I wrote a post “Glorious, complicated, perverse English language” in which I lamented how very difficult it must be for non-native English speakers to learn the language. This morning I came across a post that exemplifies just … Continue reading

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Fictionophile’s ‘philes’

Adding ‘phile‘ to the end of a word denotes ‘lover of‘ When I began this blog I was going to use Fiction-phile, but after some thought decided that Fiction-o-phile sounded cooler.  It sort of goes with Bibliophile. Anyway, just for … Continue reading

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Glorious, complicated, perverse English language

As an English speaking person, I take the vagaries of the English language for granted.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be to learn English as a second language.  It would seem that for every rule there is an … Continue reading

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Paddy or Patty?

Paddy Versus Patty (from Grammar Girl) March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day—the day we celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, who lived around A.D. 400 and is said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland, which probably meant bad … Continue reading

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“What she left” by T.R. Richmond

Unlike footprints in the sand which disappear at the first high tide, our digital footprints remain long after we are gone… “What she left” tells the tragic story of the death of twenty-five year old Alice Salmon. The story is … Continue reading

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Careened vs. careered

I originally wrote this post in May of 2014.  My love for words and the English language has prompted me to revisit it – as this is something that I am still encountering.  I just finished a novel that (mis?)used … Continue reading

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