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“All things cease to appear” by Elizabeth Brundage

“A novel that combines noir and the gothic in a story about two families entwined in their own unhappiness, with, at its heart, a gruesome and unsolved murder.” The old farmhouse in upstate New York has seen more than its … Continue reading

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“At the heart of the missing” by Annie Daylon

Set in the beautiful city of Vancouver,  “At the heart of the missing” introduces the reader to some very interesting characters. Life has not treated them fairly, but then, is life ever fair? “What good are memories if there is … Continue reading

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“A better truth” by Valerie Joan Connors

And now for my review of my “Mystery/Thriller Week“ title.  It is always a slight gamble when you get a book for review that a) it’s a title you have never heard of before; and, b) you’ve never heard of the … Continue reading

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Cover Love: part 16 – Walking in snow

I find myself attracted to certain kinds of covers.  Covers are, after all, the way the publisher ‘hooks’ the reader into choosing one book over countless others. Dustjackets entice the reader to enter a different world. In this, my sixteenth installment of … Continue reading

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“Weathering” by Lucy Wood

A cold, cold, river.  An even colder, deserted, and unloved house.  It is here that Ada brings her six year-old daughter, Pepper.  The very first thing they do when they arrive is they take Pearl’s ashes to the river and … Continue reading

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“The language of dying” by Sarah Pinborough

There is always one.  You know, the one who has to ‘deal’ with it.  Whatever it is.  Usually something of critical importance.  Like being the one to sit with an aging or ill relative, or the one who has to … Continue reading

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“Second Helpings at the Serve you Right Café” by Tilia Klebenov Jacobs

Located in a small Massachusetts college town, the “Serve you Right Café” has a hard-working staff of two.  A full-time owner/manager, a full-time baker,  and one part-time server. The owner/manager, Eden Rose, is a recovering alcoholic.  A woman with a big … Continue reading

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Top 5 titles I’m looking forward to in 2017

I have completed my Goodreads reading challenge of 100 books in 2016.  At present I’m reading #103, “The language of dying” by Sarah Pinborough.I plan to have the same challenge for 100 books in 2017. As I scanned my review … Continue reading

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“Tell me no lies” by Lisa Hall

The cover warns you: “Don’t. Trust. Anyone”.  Heed the advice. Stephanie Gordon, her husband Mark, and her young son, Henry, have just moved into a new home in London.  They are attempting a much needed ‘new start’.  Events prior to … Continue reading

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“Christmas in the park” by Laura Lockington

Television morning show producer Sarah Nash has just taken the station up on their offer of voluntary redundancy.  The early morning breakfast show’s quality has deteriorated and the show has been failing as a result.  With her new freedom she … Continue reading

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