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WordPress weirdness…

Hi folks. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Just in case you were wondering…  WordPress has been acting strange lately. Blogs that I have followed for YEARS are now starting to show that I’m not following them at all! … Continue reading

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#BookReviews: How late is too late?

As a book blogger, I often have the privilege of reading and reviewing books near or even sometimes before their publication date. It is sometimes unspoken, but always understood that reviewing a book near to its release date is optimum. … Continue reading

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Unsolicited review requests #bookbloggers #authors

As a busy book blogger, I receive many review requests on a daily basis. Most are polite, many are obvious just ‘feeling’ out the process. I try to answer each and every one. Also, like most busy book bloggers, I … Continue reading

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The highs and lows of my Goodreads #TBR

I visit the Goodreads site every day – sometimes more than once a day. It is there that I keep track of my TBR.  How many review commitments I have, deadlines, etc. As many of you know, you can add … Continue reading

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Hashtag symbol in WordPress tags?

I love doing discussion posts because I always learn something – or at least I have another question to ask. LOL This time I have a question for all of you WordPress bloggers. Ever since I have been blogging I’ve … Continue reading

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Twitter #Hashtags… Do you use them #Bookbloggers?

Much has been said about the use of hashtags over the past few years. As a relative Twitter/Social Media newbie, I have attempted to incorporate hashtags whenever appropriate. I do think they are valuable, especially for bloggers. As a former … Continue reading

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Reading Anticipation

Many of us complain about our lengthy TBRs – but are we really complaining?  I think not. I have literally hundreds of books, in both print format and digital format that I haven’t read yet. And guess what? I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Blocked? Hurt and puzzled…

As many of you know, I follow a lot of book bloggers and try to Tweet their reviews in support of their efforts.  Today I tweeted a good review and then tried to ‘Follow’ this blogger on Twitter (I thought … Continue reading

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Books that would cause me to weaken…

In the valiant effort to catch up with my review commitments I have imposed a ‘Request Ban’ on myself.  I am not allowing myself to request ARCs with the abandon I did in earlier years.  It’s hard people – It’s … Continue reading

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Discussion Post: Blog comments

As a book blogger, I love it when someone comments on one of my posts.  Therefore, I try to comment on other blogs whenever time permits and I feel I have an opinion to voice.   Today, I received a comment … Continue reading

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Cozy Mysteries – do their covers do them a disservice?

I have several blogging friends and a couple ‘real life’ friends who adore ‘cozy‘ mysteries. Definition of a ‘Cozy’ mystery (from Wikipedia) Cozy mysteries, also referred to as “cozies”, are a sub-genre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously, and the … Continue reading

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What device do YOU use for reading BLOGS?

I spent over an hour creating a new blog background for Fictionophile. My husband strolled by my desk and asked what I was doing.  I explained. He completely burst my bubble when he stated: “Why waste your time doing that?  … Continue reading

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Are you REALLY using an eReader?

Just because your device enables you to read eBooks does NOT mean it is an eReader!Some reactions to my previous post – along with discussion with friends and family – have convinced me that there are a whole lot of … Continue reading

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Why you should reduce your screen time and READ fiction !!!

We knew that right? No matter what age you are, it seems that both young, old, and everyone in between are getting more and more addicted to their screens.  Computers, televisions, tablets, and phones, if used excessively, can damage your … Continue reading

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Public libraries today – You gotta love them!

I retired from my position as a public library cataloguer two and a half years ago.  That doesn’t preclude me from loving libraries as much, if not more, than I ever did. Why, you ask? Besides books (and honestly… what’s … Continue reading

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