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Public libraries today – You gotta love them!

I retired from my position as a public library cataloguer two and a half years ago.  That doesn’t preclude me from loving libraries as much, if not more, than I ever did. Why, you ask? Besides books (and honestly… what’s … Continue reading

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International publishing rights – I’m puzzled…

Many of you might have read my ‘Amazon Chat Rant‘ a few weeks ago.  It all stemmed from the fact that as I live in Canada, I cannot purchase a Kindle eBook on Amazon.com This is not the first time … Continue reading

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Are you insane?

Be thankful you live in the twenty-first century. Back in Victorian times, when women were considered second class citizens, their families could shuttle them off to asylums at the drop of a hat. Here are a list of reasons you … Continue reading

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Frustration: a chat transcript

Most of you folks know that I live in Canada.  Recently I received a ‘gift’ book from an author who wants me to review her book.  Wonderful? YES.  However… the gift was a gift card for Amazon.com Although I do … Continue reading

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Online #bookblogger ‘friends’

While perusing Instagram this morning I came across some tragic news. One of the bookbloggers I’ve followed for the last few years has passed away.  She was only in her twenties, beautiful, smart, a young mother. She was always so … Continue reading

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The Fiction Gender Gap

A fiction gender gap? Yes there is one! Surveys taken in Canada, the United States and England suggest that men account for only about 20% of the fiction market!  Why is this so? Warren Adler writes: “There is ample statistical … Continue reading

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Polls: What do YOU want from Fictionophile?

We bookbloggers are a ‘different’ lot.  We read, we read, we read, but… we also blog. That means that much time is spent at the keyboard.  Not just writing posts, but also trying to maintain communication with other bloggers who … Continue reading

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Are you an ‘avid’ reader?

With just slightly over 100 titles read in 2017, I consider myself to be an avid reader.  I know that some book bloggers read WAY more books than that, but still… I consider myself an avid reader. My husband thinks … Continue reading

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Amazon #bookreviews: what #bookbloggers need to know

Most of the book bloggers I know post their book reviews to Amazon as well as to their blog.  I usually post mine to my blog first, then Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, etc. Although Amazon is usually very … Continue reading

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Topics I can’t resist when choosing a book

I borrowed the idea for this post from fellow bookbloggers, Annie The Misstery, and Renee It’s Book Talk Today I want to tell you about certain themes/topics that I simply can’t resist when reading a blurb, and also those which … Continue reading

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NetGalley vs. Edelweiss (re: feedback ratios)

We know that NetGalley gives out badges. One that I’ve been striving for is the 80% badge. (I’m now standing at 76%) Just for the fun of it, I decided to figure out what my feedback ratio would be on … Continue reading

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Frustration with Blogger blogs

As many of you know, I follow quite a few great book blogs.  Alas…. not all of them are hosted by WordPress. Today while attempting to write a comment on a blog post I got this message… AGAIN! I have … Continue reading

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Book covers unique? I don’t think so…

Many of you have been following my Cover Love series of blog posts for some time. Some of my newer followers might not have seen my “Seeing Double” post in the series. As I am constantly updating this post, I … Continue reading

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Amateur book reviews – my thoughts

Today an article by Peter Derk came to my attention, entitled “7 Things That Are Ruining Amateur Book Reviews.” Go read it and come back. You’re back?   Good. I want to start off by making the point, which has been … Continue reading

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