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What device do YOU use for reading BLOGS?

I spent over an hour creating a new blog background for Fictionophile. My husband strolled by my desk and asked what I was doing.  I explained. He completely burst my bubble when he stated: “Why waste your time doing that?  … Continue reading

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Public libraries today – You gotta love them!

I retired from my position as a public library cataloguer two and a half years ago.  That doesn’t preclude me from loving libraries as much, if not more, than I ever did. Why, you ask? Besides books (and honestly… what’s … Continue reading

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Are you a ‘RE-reader’?

Yes, there ARE books I would like to re-read. Will I though? Probably not. There are just SO many wonderful titles out there; I have SO many review commitments; there are SO many series I want to start; there are … Continue reading

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Top of my ‘WANT’ list is…. unavailable

This morning I read a 5 STAR review of Sabine Durrant’s latest novel “Take me in” by one of my favourite bookblogger friends Cleo.  I want to read this title so much! Blurb:   He saved your son’s life. Does that … Continue reading

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International publishing rights – I’m puzzled…

Many of you might have read my ‘Amazon Chat Rant‘ a few weeks ago.  It all stemmed from the fact that as I live in Canada, I cannot purchase a Kindle eBook on This is not the first time … Continue reading

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#BookBlogger Word Search – Sunday Funday

I love this wonderful book blogging community!  Such a warm and supportive group! As a token of thanks to those bloggers who have been SO supportive of Fictionophile, I have created a little ‘Word Search‘ puzzle. Hope you enjoy it! … Continue reading

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English language quirks and perversities

As an English speaking person, I take the vagaries of the English language for granted.  I take joy in reading and discovering the perversities of my native tongue.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be to learn English as … Continue reading

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Are you insane?

Be thankful you live in the twenty-first century. Back in Victorian times, when women were considered second class citizens, their families could shuttle them off to asylums at the drop of a hat. Here are a list of reasons you … Continue reading

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Frustration: a chat transcript

Most of you folks know that I live in Canada.  Recently I received a ‘gift’ book from an author who wants me to review her book.  Wonderful? YES.  However… the gift was a gift card for Although I do … Continue reading

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Friday finds (gems I found around the Internet)

Like most book bloggers I spend WAY too much time on the computer.  Sometimes though, it is time well spent. Sometimes you find little treasures.   I thought I’d share three of these gems with you! A fantastically creepy ‘Flash Fiction’ … Continue reading

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My Blog’s name in Books

Last week I participated in a fun meme called the  “I Spy Book Challenge”.  It was SO enjoyable to compose that I thought I’d start one myself. Rules:  1.  Spell out your blog’s name. (this is where you wish your … Continue reading

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I Spy Book Challenge

I rarely take part in blog memes or tags but when I saw this one it looked like so much fun! Cleo from Cleopatra Loves Books and Nicki from The Secret Library did a great job with it, so I … Continue reading

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Online #bookblogger ‘friends’

While perusing Instagram this morning I came across some tragic news. One of the bookbloggers I’ve followed for the last few years has passed away.  She was only in her twenties, beautiful, smart, a young mother. She was always so … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Well the big day has finally arrived. That day when many of us, Irish or not, wear green clothes, drink green beer, and generally pretend we hail from the Emerald Isle. To celebrate things Irish and things bookish, I thought … Continue reading

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Fictionophile and Instagram… a learning curve

Well I finally joined the rest of the universe and signed up for Instagram.  I’m a very visual person and that factor, along with the persuasion of my children and other book bloggers made me finally gather up enough nerve … Continue reading

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