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If you haven’t read anything by Karin Alvtegen – what’s stopping you?

Years before I started this blog when I was working as a public library cataloguer, a book crossed my desk that caught my eye.  With an adorable little boy on the cover, it immediately piqued my interest.My review of “Shadow” … Continue reading

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“The yellow house” by Jeroen Blokhuis

Dutch author, Jeroen Blokhuis tells Vincent van Gogh’s story as the artist would have told it. The novel depicts van Gogh’s life when he lived in his beloved ‘yellow house’ in Arles, France between August 1888 and December 1889. “it’s … Continue reading

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“The bird tribunal” by Agnes Ravatn

Allis Hagtorn has done something of which she is profoundly ashamed.  She seeks anonymity and a refuge where she can come to terms with her behavior and her future.  She finds employment in a remote house on a Norwegian fjord. … Continue reading

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“The Trap” by Melanie Raabe

Winner of the prestigious Stuttgart Crime Prize for best crime debut of the year, “The Trap” has been called a ‘must-read’ debut thriller. The premise is intriguing.  A reclusive novelist, traumatized by her sister’s murder, sets an elaborate trap for the murderer. … Continue reading

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“Soft in the head” by Marie-Sabine Roger

This is the engaging story of two people who come together in friendship, kindness, affection, and appreciation. A remarkable and heart-rending novel that perfectly illustrates the quote: “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.” The first lines of “Soft in … Continue reading

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“The murder of Halland” by Pia Juul

What a clever, enigmatic, and disorientating book! Bess is a writer.  A grieving, eccentric, bizarre writer who drinks more than she writes. Her husband Halland has been shot. The story is told solely from Bess’s point of view.  Since she … Continue reading

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“Alex” by Pierre Lemaitre

Alex Prévost is a beautiful woman – a thirty year-old agency nurse who tries to do good. A beautiful woman who has been abducted for reasons at first unknown, and she is the victim of inhumane torture at the hands of her abductor.  Your … Continue reading

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