Not my kind of book… but…

Just finished reading Liars Anonymous, a book that is not my type of novel at all.
However, I surprised myself by liking it a lot! Despite myself!

The setting was southern Arizona and the Mexican-American border area. I usually prefer novels set in the United Kingdom or the Eastern U.S. or Canada.
The novel featured Jessie Dancing, a hard-bodied ex-con complete with tattoos and steel-toed shoes. Not my usual protagonist of choice.
The novel is a stand-alone work. I usually read series.
The premise is what caught me.
Jessie Dancing is a roadside-assistance operator who receives a call from a motorist directly after he was rear-ended and his air-bag deployed. Over the open phone line, she hears what she thinks is the motorist being beaten and killed. She then of course calls the police. However… the police have not always been her friend. Also, the wife of the motorist wants Jessie to play her the tape of the incident. Later the wife claims her husband contacted her and he is alive and well and away on a business trip.

Through her rekindled contact with the police, the company she works for finds out that she is not who she said she was, and is an ex-con living under an assumed name. They fire her. Meanwhile, the house-sitting company she has business with also finds out her circumstances and tell her she must leave the house she has been living in….
Homeless, jobless, Jessie decides that when things just don’t add up, her quest for justice demands that she investigate the matter herself.
What results is a suspenseful roller-coaster ride of danger and violence.
Throw in some illegal human smuggling, some family drama, and a new love interest, and her life is fuller that she wanted it to be.
I’ll remember Jessie Dancing for quite some time.
The ending of Liars Anonymous was not what I expected.
Though having said that, it was satisfying, unpredictable, but also believable.
Louise Ure – Job well done!


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One Response to Not my kind of book… but…

  1. Gaye says:


    Isn’t it wonderful when a book we think we will have to struggle through, turns out to be a winner! A new author to add to your list.



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