Reasons to read. Feeling connected?

“I am a library slut,” admitted mystery author Lisa Scottoline. “That means I will go to any library that will have me,” to give thanks to librarians, who changed the direction of her life.

Scottoline said libraries were “like hardware stores for girls: You spend hours in them, you get lost, and you don’t mind.” Of her library card she evoked “That card said to me, ‘I read, therefore I matter.’”

She said “When people pick up a book, they’re looking for a connection to someone like them.

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Do you think Scottoline’s words express how YOU feel about reading? Is it because books make you feel connected to others?
Or… do these other reasons for reading seem to make more sense to you?
1. You will grow in your knowledge of yourself and the world around you
2. You will gain a better understanding of what motivates others
3. You will broaden your English vocabulary, helping you to express your own thoughts in fresh ways
4. You will have an improved imagination and actively engage your mind in a way that probably wouldn’t occur when persuing other activities such as watching TV
5. You will be forced to cease from incessant activity and think
6. You will receive a historical perspective on current problems and learn from history in an entertaining way
7. You will have some of your questions answered and confront other questions you hadn’t even thought of
8. You will develop a sense of how arguments are constructed and be able to weigh both strong and weak arguments
9. You will broaden your perspective
10. You can share the knowledge and insight you learn with others
11. You can make your commute or downtime more productive
12. You will be better able to discuss certain topics with your peers
13. You will be able to mull over a subject. You will be able to put the book down to think, chew over a sentence or re-read a paragraph. You will be able to explore an issue at length, rather than brush over a topic too quickly
14. You will better understand other places, cultures and their customs
15. You wish to make yourself a more interesting and relevant person
16. You can visit other time periods and imagine what it was like during that time
17. You will gain information, inspiration and insight
18. You want to think more creatively
19. You will be stimulated, as in a good conversation, to new lines of thinking
20. You fill empty hours with a pleasurable occupation


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